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Don’t be the same…be KEEN! Thinking outside the box is what delivers the results you are looking for. Keen Media Group makes a full commitment to your business growth and cementing a lasting relationship. It’s a collaborative effort to learn your business and target market and it’s the KEEN creative passion and marketing execution through branding, web, social media, search engine optimization, and mobile avenues that makes the difference. Are you KEEN yet? What are you waiting for?

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Our strengths for your growth

Everything starts with a game plan. Attacking this plan with the right strategies is paramount. Keen Media Group offers a vast amount of services that allows our team to execute accordingly to achieve the objective. The strategies never stop. We aren’t pleased with achieving success on a short term. Our game plans have the big picture in mind to fulfill continued growth and maximum returns. Any game plan needs to be constantly evaluated and adjustments are made when called upon. This approach allows the client and Keen Media Group to establish a great relationship as both parties have the same long term business goals. Below are some services offered that are fundamental in your business growth.

Some might say we have a “KEEN” eye for what our clients need.

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A pretty picture makes a visual impact but creative design can evoke thought, emotion and portrays a message which makes a lasting impression. The right design and message goes a long way when reaching your target audience. Keen Media Group understands the importance of creative design in the aspect of brand building and marketing. Through web, print, social media and advertisements the creative team at Keen will execute the creative design process to help promote your business.


Whether you are starting from scratch or been in business for years, branding is a major component to convey the right message to your audience. An effective branding solution allows you to stand ahead of your competition. It’s more then just a logo or catch phrase. The creative thinking of Keen Media Group generates a connection and perception for your business and adds meaning and value where it matters most. Keen is ready to create the right brand experience to connect you best with target audience.


Does your website showcase your business correctly? Does your audience get the right impression or message? Is your User Experience Design (UX) turning your audience away? Keen understands that every client has unique needs and our design approach is unique to each individual website. Understanding our clients business and audience allows us to design and build each individual website that suits the clients needs. This process enables us to create a website that will support and grow with your business. With a stunning design, thoughtful User Experience Design that translates across all platforms and mobile devices, Keen Media Group understands and achieves full use of you online presence.


Having the best looking website doesn’t mean you will get results. What are you doing to get yourself in front of your audience? Who is your audience? What are the strategies to get you seen by them? Every business requires different tactics to achieve real results. Keen Media Group has the knowledge base of connecting you to your audience whether it’s through SEO, PPC, Adwords, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google +, Yelp, or YouTube. Let the Keen marketing experts point you in the right direction and generate some real results through proper digital marketing.



Fit Food Fresh

A 5-star rated meal delivery service based in Boca Raton, Florida and servicing all of South Florida.

Drip Fit

Drip is not a Theory. The newest and most innovative gym & workout located Boca Raton, Florida.

Erin Alvey

Country music singer and songwriter. This up and coming southern belle continues to climb her way to stardom.

Wilhelm Agency

Insurance consultants with a commitment to helping clients grow successfully by reducing the cost that risk their business.

Ocean Blue Custom Homes

Custom home builder understanding the balance of time, price and quality will dictate every component throughout construction.

Bootlegger Brue

Ultra premium cold brewed coffee. Handcrafted for 18 hours. Bootlegger Brue is made for the premium coffee consumer.

Dacar Management

Designing a future, developing a vision. Dedicated to investing in and developing Real Estate with a long term vision.

My Estate Managers

Locally owned home watch and concierge business. Providing exquisite service and peace of mind.


The best selection of Unique Natural Stones, Eco-Friendly Products, diverse types of Wood and Man-Made Materials.


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